Eclectic Holiday Lighting Display

Using a red berry wreath (a gift from my sister, possibly from Frontgate), a Buddha bust (another gift), faux garland from K-mart (possibly a Martha Stewart brand when she was still there), existing planters and plants, an opera table, LED berry shaped white lights, zip ties and seven eye screws; I designed this unique Holiday entrance.  The lights will probably be taken a little bit further, lining some of the architecture of the home.  The doorway, for me, is perfect. 

Trust yourself when you design, be creative, allow what you create to resonate with others.  It doesn’t have to be exactly the same kinds of things used by the neighbors, however using some of the more common mediums (lights & garland) is way to connect with them and be understood by them (you and your lights).

The entrance is attractive during the day as well, which for me, is a must.

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