Kensington, California--Blake Garden

Blake Garden's highlights include specimen plantings, bold en masse plantings, Asian sculpture, forested paths and a rustic yet elegant landscape architecture.  It further exhibits the diverse plant palette available to Pacific Northwest gardeners.  It is a wonderful example of what can be accomplished using simple materials, construction techniques, garden designs and plants.  Blake Garden is a charming and timeless meditative garden.  Trail Map

70 Rincon Road
Kensington, California  94707

Flaxleaf Paperbark Melaleuca linarifolia

Mexican Orange Choisya ternata

Lily-of-the-Nile Agapanthus 'Rancho White'

Maiden's Wreath Francoa ramosa

Lemonade Berry Rhus integrifolia

Madrone Arbutus menziesii

Re-Entry at the Cliffside Edge of the Garden

Approach to a View of the Bay

Spanish Bayonet Yucca aloifolia
with Red Heart Agave ground cover (Speculating on Both IDs)

Pineapple Flower Eucomis comosa

Japanese Sculpture in Background
White Flowering Japanese Anemone Anemone x hybrida in Foreground 

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