An Impromptu Terrace

A Forest Pansey Eastern Redbud allée with 4-9’ deep planting beds of ornamental grasses, perennials and specimen shrubs is troubled at present by unplanted areas giving way to weeds.  A quick solution in one large unplanted area was to utilize some slate left over from another project to create an impromptu terrace, whose placement along the allée and next to the future vineyard lends the passerby a place to pause and reflect back on a barn home and take in the gardens about the allée.  The area was quickly prepared by leveling and tamping existing topsoil and adding where necessary builder’s sand to keep stones level.  Green grout of Thymus pseudolanuginosus Wooly Thyme was planted in the between the stones to smooth and soften the transition between stones.  The unplanted areas were mulched with builder’s sand to discourage the growth of weeds.

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