Upcycled Pallet Compost Bin

Upcycled Compost Bin

A lovely eco-savy new addition to the Humboldt Botanical Garden is just up the hill and off the beaten path.  An ingenious design-build project by June Walsh, it is a series of three compost bins made of recycled pallets and gopher wire.

Now I'm wondering if pallets, gopher wire and landscaping fabric could be utilized for upcycled raised planting beds.


Plein Air Sculpture Gallery--Old Town Eureka, California

Fisherman's Terminal Building Plaza & Sculpture Garden
First & C Streets, Old Town Eureka, California

"Pas de Deux" Jack Sewell

Below, the eye confuses the sculpture in the foreground with the tree in the background, losing the dancers in the tree.

"Parallel Universe" John King

"Wonder Lust" Rick Kistler

Close Up of "Wonder Lust"

"Bifurcation #2" Marilyn Andrews

"Dolphin" Elizabeth Berrien

"Old Town New Growth" Sierra Pahl

Third & E Streets, Old Town Eureka, California 

Mel Schuler 1973

Lost Coast Brewery Parking Lot Across From Avalon
Third & G Streets, Old Town Eureka, California

"Untitled " John Fick
Milstead Collection

Highway 101 Corridor
Behind the Arkley Center
Fourth & F Streets, Old Town Eureka, California

"Untitled" Luigi Testa
Steel & Rock
Milstead Collection
Duane Flatmo Mural in Background
I love this Testa sculpture with the ballerina in the Flatmo mural in the background; it's like some sweet, stocky little thing lifting itself up with all of the grace of the ballerina behind it.  Every time I look at this photograph, I love the sculpture more.

Duane Flatmo Mural in Background

John Fick
Milstead Collection
Duane Flatmo Mural in Background

Highway 101 Corridor
Fifth & Myrtle Streets, Eureka, California

Linda Wise Sculpture

This is one of my favorite sculptures in Eureka by one of my favorite local sculptors, Linda Wise.  I l-o-v-e love how it has been sited.  I think what this horse really needs is a grassy field in which to stand.  Many of the original plantings in this bed did not survive the harsh coastal and concrete-planter imposed conditions.  I would love to see a mass planting of Mexican Feather Grass Nassella tenuissima and some repetition of clumps of natives like Iris douglasiana and a few plantings of Red Flowering Current Ribes sanguineum.  Another simple solution to update this planting median would be to plant California native Carex pansa en masse with occassional plantings of Wormwood Artemesia 'Powis Castle'.  It might be fun to throw a wreath around its neck for the Kentucky Derby too.

de Young Museum Gardens--San Francisco, California

The de Young Museum functions in the garden as a massive sculptural piece that is sculpted away from the garden as it rises.

Common elements like the cork screw bike rack and curvilinear benches function as sculpture as well as for their intended uses.