Container Gardening

The sweetness of the white Snapdragon above is balanced by the patina of the terrecotta pot and the black granite.

A columnar planter of gopher wire and sphagnum moss below hold a small amount of soil and a nearly indestructible Asparagus Fern Asparagus densiflorus 'Sprengeri'.  Laid on its side or upright, this container has an edgy look.

Choose plants that you see doing well in neglected landscapes or containers to ensure survival of your container plantings.  Use a hardy palette, a restrained using few plants and strong contrastin your design, a planter full of well amended, well draining soil and you will find yourself a successful container gardener in no time.  Don't forget to water once in awhile!

In the muted green ceramic planter below is a native Sword Fern Polystichum munitum rising from a prostrate, woolly, vigorous en petite masse planting of Licorice Plant Helichrysum petiolare.

In the terracotta urn-like planter under the cover of a porch is a Sempervivium succulent paired with year round blooming Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost', which did not survive unusually cold winter.  The sweetness of the flowering Euphorbia is balanced by the uncomplicated Sempervivium.

These planters generally thrive with little care.  Plant for neglect, that is use tough, drought tolerant plants.

Below Blue Fescue Festuca glauca consumes Wormwood Artemesia 'Powis Castle' in a planting reminiscent of a prairie.

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