Linda Wise Sculpture--Eureka, California

Sculpture by Linda Wise

This is one of my favorite sculptures in Eureka by one of my favorite local sculptor-welders, Linda Wise.  She salvages discarded metal tools and other mechanical parts and uses welding to mold the pieces into sculpture.  I l-o-v-e love how it has been sited. 

I think what this horse really needs is a grassy field in which to stand.  Many of the original plantings in this bed did not survive the harsh coastal and concrete-planter imposed conditions.  I would love to see a mass planting of Mexican Feather Grass Nassella tenuissima and some repetition of clumps of natives like Iris douglasiana and a few plantings of Red Flowering Current Ribes sanguineum.  Another simple solution to update this planting median would be to plant California native Carex pansa en masse with occasional plantings of Wormwood Artemesia 'Powis Castle'.  Throwing a wreath around its neck in early May to acknowledge the Kentucky Derby would be a relevant and positive acknowledgement of North American culture.

Eureka exhibits many sculptural pieces in its streetscape, which really reflects, I think, its substantial love, appreciation and support for the arts.