Upcycled Daybed

Converting an old iron or metal daybed into an outdoor daybed can be simple and inexpensive.  First, look for iron daybeds at estate sales or garage sales, on eBay or Craigslist.  Second, to upcycle a daybed and give it a more contemporary look, clean the bed with a steel brush, prime and paint the bed frame with an interesting color like lime green, hot pink, robin's egg blue or even a glossy black.  For a rustic look, simply wipe down the bed frame, leaving any layered paint or rust.  Third, if the springs need to be replaced consider instead building a cedar deck for the bed.  Fourth, either have an outdoor cushion made to size for the bed or find a pre-made cushion to rest on the cedar deck or use an inexpensive memory foam mattress and enclose the entire mattress in a waterproof encasement or use an air mattress.  Last, slipcover the mattress with an outdoor material like Sunbrella, which has many different colors, patterns and textures appropriate for any style, rustic to contemporary.  I've purchased remnant Sunbrella yardage on Etsy at a great discount.  Et voila, you have a charming outdoor daybed!

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