Vertical Gardening

Vertical Gardening in its Simplest Form
Vertical gardening functions as sculpture.  It adds square footage to a small planting footprint, thus functions as a small garden solution.  It also functions to enable people with limited range of motion to garden.  Vertical gardens can take many forms.  Some forms include plants growing up and over pergolas, trees with multiple unique fruit bearing grafts, vines climbing up buildings and gardens on top of buildings.

Ferns and Moss Growing on a Stacked Stone Wall

A Hanging Garden



Rebar Trellis
Woolypockets have a vertical garden component system that includes irrigation and is very simple to install, really quite ingenious and contemporary.  They also help schools fund their own WoolyschoolgardensPlants on Walls have unique wall hanging systems and a handsome freestanding Floraframe RECIR system on casters. 

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