Tazmanian Tree Fern--Understory Design

The area to be revised is a 2’ wide landscape planter running the length of the home divided only by a set of steps descending from a small porch.  The area is primarily viewed from the pathway running parallel to the planter and from the outdoor kitchen area.  An overabundance of unique species and forms and insufficient repetition cause this bed to look unremarkable.  By removing just one species, Nandina domestica, and then multiplying the usage of a couple of the others, the bed will appear more unified and flowing, allowing the handsome Dicksonia antartica to be highlighted as a specimen planting.  By expanding the plantings of Loropetalum chinense and Dietes iriodes, the exposed lava rock mulch will recede and the bed will appear tidier and will become easier to maintain as the plantings require minimal care relative to keeping lava rock looking neat.

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